Weekly Photo Challenge (The Sign Says)

Deep in the heart of Spitalfields, and right plonk in the middle of the historical tour, the architectural tour, the graffiti tour and the Jack the Ripper tour is a pub. Now there is obviously many a public house in the environs but this one has a sign worthy of Sherlock Holmes’ investigative abilities.

The letters have been disappearing slowly for the last twenty or so years. Can you figure out the tavern’s name?

could a sign say less? (mrscarmichael)
could a sign say less? (mrscarmichael)

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (The Sign Says)

  1. Trying to be the sharpest knife in the drawer here..judging by the length of the word, and British history, I reckon it’s Wellington…..but what a brilliant find, Mrs C

  2. Great shot. I picked Duke of Wellington, but I’m wondering where the missing letters are.

    ewellingt – I guess if we mix them up a bit, it may lead us to the name of the culprit 😀

  3. I agree, The Duke of Wellington. My great great grandfather was an honour guard at Wellington’s funeral or so the newspaper reported in my great great grandfather’s obituary.

  4. Great entry for the challenge Mrs C and a lovely shot as well! I read the comments to get the answer..hahahaha. Sorry I cheated. LOL!
    Have a great day hon! *hugs*

  5. Well, I was thinking the above answer too and I tried really hard not to look at everyone else’s answers but of course the more I didn’t want to look the more I looked! How clever we all are. The Duke Of On looks like it’s seen better days!

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