Travel Theme (Costume)

Mrs Carmichael, being the enigma that she is, has decided to introduce you, her WordPress friends, to a few of her colleagues and devotees in this week’s travel theme suggested by Alisa, the brains behind (Where’s my backpack?).

All images were taken far from Casa Carmichael and all with travel in mind.

Here we go then…….

lights, camera, action (mrscarmichael)
lights, camera, action (mrscarmichael)

Here I am relaxing with Dara (the Ukranian supermodel) pre photo shoot for Summer 2013 cocktail-wear, Four Seasons Hotel, Phuket, Thailand.

NB: I was forced to wear the raven black wig.

Thelma and Louise off to play the Royal Albert Hall (mrscarmichael)
Thelma and Louise off to play the Royal Albert Hall (mrscarmichael)

Although I am much happier with my titian locks in this shot I am not quite so happy with Louise’s driving. Yes, I know I should have been wearing a seatbelt but nothing can defend her lack of care in lane changing on Piccadilly.

Thankfully, the late Mrs Thatcher rushed out of the Ritz, on seeing me tumble from our convertible, and fed my kippers while the ambulance team tended to my scrapped knees.

Louise was forced to play our duet solo and, I am secretly pleased to say, received somewhat diluted reviews for her efforts.

pose with attitude (mrscarmichael)
pose with attitude (mrscarmichael)

Those with eagle eyes will recognise the head shot as Mrs C’s thumb nail photo. I am quite pleased with the success of this photograph. Although I do not like standing around in up market clothes’ emporiums I do like the pay packet and attention that comes with it. This is, of course, my own hair.

NB: I am foreground in this shot. Tullisa, hardly visible in background, had such a tantrum over our positioning it made the day all the more worthwhile.

34 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Costume)

  1. You hide your feelings well. It is difficult to tell from your facial expression what is going through your mind. You do well in all hair colors.

  2. An enigma for sure Mrs C. Love the hairdo’s and good for you for being in the foreground. That’s where you belong! πŸ˜›
    Great entry and photo’s! πŸ™‚ *hugs*

      1. Absolutely. Google Cosplay or Lolita or Bo Peep and you’ll get an eyeful. I’ve just never seen it so tastefully done with mannequins.

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