Here I go Again

Mrs Carmichael has jumped on board her friend D…….’s road train to Cwm yr Eglys, a tiny hamlet one step from the Irish Sea, for the next few days.

Here are two visuals of what it looked like last time I was lucky enough to go there:

just mucking about in boats (mrscarmichael)
just mucking about in boats (mrscarmichael)

And just down the road:

deserted perfection (mrscarmichael)
deserted perfection (mrscarmichael)

Normal services will resume soonish.


27 thoughts on “Here I go Again

  1. It sure looks lovely there Mrs C. and you must enjoy every minute of it. Can’t wait to see your photo’s! *hugs*

      1. I truly agree and well, you can take photo’s of the rain and your and your book. πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    1. A couple of questions – what do you teach? is it English or Economics (still thinking of the sink)? Where’s the best place you’ve taught?
      Oman looks wonderful but I’m not sure you’re mad about the college?

      1. Well, right now I teach English as a Second Language but my Master’s is in International Commerce and Policy, related to economic development and foreign policy. I have a job lined up in the US teaching ESL again, but I want to get my foot in the door teaching something related to my M.A.

        I haven’t been teaching that long, only 3 years: one year in Korea and two years here. In between Korea and Oman, I taught at Northern Virginia Community College. That’s the job I’m returning to, and that’s the best place I’ve taught. Both Korea and Oman had a lot of good points, and bad ones as well. Oman has been a great place to explore, but it’s a very small country and I’ve seen almost everything worthwhile here. Now I’m bored and ready to move on. I’m definitely not mad about the University.

      2. Well thank you for all the background. I too did an ESL course (6 months) a few years back. I loved the course but hated the teaching (well, the pay really) so have never travelled with it. I am thus impressed by you, my dear.
        Enjoy being back in Virginia – yet another place I would like to visit.
        Oh if only I had a green card.

      3. It’s fine by me! I’d love to have any of my blogger friends visit, and especially you, mrs. carmichael. There’s lots to see in Washington, including all the FREE Smithsonian museums. πŸ™‚

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