Weekly Photo Challenge (In the Background)

Woo hoo, insider knowledge or what? Well, no but I only just snapped this at lunch time. When there’s a tree this size growing in a restaurant, fairy lights, a mirror and a pink top that matches Mrs Carmichael’s nail polish, the camera must make an appearance.

it all came together so perfectly (mrscarmichael)
it all came together so perfectly (mrscarmichael)

These are worth a look:

45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (In the Background)

      1. Been working too hard, so not much time for blog world but hope to do some catching up this weekend. How are you?

      2. Pembrokshire, west Wales. The weather might be just as bad but a windy walk on deserted beaches will blow the cobwebs away regardless.
        And you?

      3. I agree about beaches. Am at the family beach house today, despite the wind, rain and cold. Trip will be to Jekyll Island, Georgia near Florida in a few weeks.

  1. That could have been a setup for your purpose!
    Amazing. There’s nothing like fairy lights. And the distortion of the mirror makes for more Alice effects. You’re in Wonderland, woman! You and your pink nail polish —

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