Travel Theme (Pathways)

It seems that, for Mrs Carmichael at least, all pathways lead to the sea. I shall take this as a positive thing and assume that, because my ancestors all crossed oceans to produce me, it’s in my blood.

Tasman Sea (mrscarmichael)
Tasman Sea (mrscarmichael)

And just across the Tasman

Port Phillip Bay (mrscarmichael)
Port Phillip Bay (mrscarmichael)

Many more pathways here at Where’s my backpack?

I like these in particular:

30 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Pathways)

  1. Stunning pathways Mrs C and a great entry for Ailsa’s theme for sure! Have a great weekend hon. 🙂 *hugs*

      1. heheh, you wangler you! Enjoy Mrs C and have lots of fun. Hope we will see lots of photo’s of the trip. 🙂

      2. Oh no, your lovely photo’s will never bore me so keep them coming. Drive safe. 🙂 *hugs*

      1. The sun is shining and it’s Saturday morning. That’s a good start. I will be spending quite some time this weekend doing class reports but it’s a trade off for spending our long weekend in Sydney visiting my daughter in two weeks’ time!

      2. ooh lovely. I haven’t been to Sydney for many many years but did all my training with IMB there in the …. (well a number of decades ago). I love it there.

  2. I love a good pathway. The empty ocean beyond is always intriguing. Thanks for the visit to my vintage slides post. I am actually running a set of prints from my slides in a larger scale on textured paper and then becoming a multi-million dollar corporation. Regards Peet

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