Travel Theme (Dance)

For me, the Where’s my backpack? theme of dance is an absolute no brainer. Although we only had to travel to the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank our pride in Daughter #2’s performance had no borders.

a moment of stillness in am amazing evening
a moment of stillness in an amazing evening

41 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Dance)

      1. NO (very sad face). She’s doing History at Birmingham and loving it. She does run the dance group there and they have won some awards but its not quite the same.

        In her defence, dancing is a very hard life and she knew she did not want to be a dance teacher. But I do miss seeing her on stage.

        She was very lucky to get into the programme she did and had the best of the best teachers/ choreographers working with her. Nothing is ever wasted is it?

      2. Of course, you’re right. Nothing is ever wasted, and she probably made the right choice. She’ll still have great memories of what she accomplished in dance. But dancing is very hard on one’s body and over time, she may have regretted that choice. Still, she looks like she had amazing talent. 🙂

      1. Just used your phrase in my last post. Doing that gave me another smile (along with memories of having to stop reading a book because I was embarrassing members of the public nearby by laughing too much).

  1. That’s incredibly lovely. My only {pet} peeve is that he looks like he’s studying for a final. Wish all dancers gave proof they were enjoying what they were doing! ;o)

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