in which mrscarmichael spring cleans her mind, body, soul and a couple of fridges as well

For three week now I have had more time on my hands. Tuesday the 8th April we put our one remaining dog, Flynn to sleep. He was fifteen years and one month and had enjoyed a wonderful life. His liver failed. There was no choice. I shall write an homage to our boy in another post. One when I’m not due out for drinks and dinner at a London venue where puffy eyes are frowned upon by the unbotoxed, at least.

flynn then aged ten (mrscarmichael)
flynn, then aged ten (mrscarmichael)

The following day Mr Carmichael had his scheduled knee operation. It was a biggy, week-wise in Casa Carmichael.

That same week we had builders repairing a leaking roof and bathroom beneath. There were approximately nine of them inside a confined space, thankfully upstairs, all hurrying to finish the refit because I had indicated future displeasure if they did not leave by Friday evening. Mr C and his new knee were reappearing on the scene midday Saturday and I wanted, nay needed, the construction accoutrements gone. For his safety and my sanity. Which had been tested through the previous five days. They left and left a dreadful job behind them. I am not going to name and shame because two more full days work this week and replacement of all the tiles, grouting and most of the paint and I am all but happy with the snagging. And I have purchased some stunning Designers’ Guild towels to go with. #goldengreenyyellowdelight.

Going with the glory of the towels and a list of far bathroom rules. 1) towels remain in said bathroom. They do not transport themselves to bedroom floors various or to uni daughter’s residence in Birmingham. 2) they are not used when fake tan is being applied. 3) they are not used when hair colour is applied. 4) they are hung in the order I have demonstrated. Mr Carmichael appears too frightened to use them and has been seen taking his own white one down the hallway. I think I can count that as a success, don’t you?

So that was the week that was. I could have done with some Prozac. I made do with wine. And had many moments where I could not talk to anyone coherently and without shaking. Looking back, I was obviously a tad stressed but these times happen don’t they? And our only choice is to make it through.

We all miss Flynn dreadfully. For those who have followed mrscarmichael’s blog for a while will know that we lost our other Goldie, Bertie, last June. Two within a year could be considered flakey but he was even older than his brother and in many ways had an even more magical life. Making ‘Naughty Dog’ a Life’s Work, my tribute to him. Seventeen years of being a doggy family.

All you dog owners will know exactly where I’m coming from and those who haven’t got a dog yet can imagine, I’m sure. All the things I don’t have to do now. All the things I don’t get to do. And the little electric thought shocks keep on coming. I need to get home for Flynn. He needs letting out, feeding, walking. You get the idea.

And this is why I have more time on my hands now. I have to do more things now I’m not quite so tied to hearth and home. I have a lot of ideas.

empty but pristine (mrscarmichael)
empty but pristine (mrscarmichael)

This morning I decided it was time to spring clean the fridges. I have been on a mini shopping go slow these past few days (more detail in a future post) and thus the timing was ideal. Since Goldie and Big Foot departed their goldfish coil and I gleefully hurled their house into the bin, cleaning the fridges has taken over from fishtank as a most hated job. Ahhh but the completer achiever in me loves the result.

Now I guess I should go shopping but before I do let me tell you about some of the other plans I have for more personal housekeeping.

I have bought walking boots. They are very ugly and I haven’t worn them in yet but I have been walking. Proper walking as opposed to the elderly dog amble Flynn and I had become accustomed to of late. I have been tramping the trails we did when the boys were younger and I have been remembering many of the eventful incidents with a grin on my face. As I say, another post.

I do appear to have broken/disjointed my toe. But I will treat this as a set back not a failure and still join the Chiltern Ramblers.

I am determined to go back on my diet next week. That’s the body sorted then.

Free time for my mind will involve more writing. See, I’m doing it already. Right now I should be donning my glad rags for my evening in Blackfriars but I’m here, typing on my pc. It’s a good thing, I think. As long as I can stop myself feeling guilty for doing it. #speedtyping.

Another thing I have decided to do now I’m free as a bird is to get out and see more things. You have already seen evidence of my determination in Art Meets Architecture (A Cultural Diversion) a most successful, get out and do want you want for as long as you want, exercise. I even went to a movie straight afterwards. #liberating.

Mr Carmichael is surpassing all predictions on knee recovery so his days as Lady Penelope are all but over now he can drive his own Thunder Bird again. And mine as chauffeur vanishing in a puff of exhaust smoke.

My mind is feeling, oh so much, cleaner already. I just have to force myself to stay away from the puppy pages on Champ Dogs. #howlongwillthatlast?


45 thoughts on “in which mrscarmichael spring cleans her mind, body, soul and a couple of fridges as well

  1. He was beautiful, awful when you lose them. You seem to be keeping yourself busy but I bet at some point you end up with another one… It kind of just happens when you least expect it. xxx Have a lovely evening.

    1. He was. Thank you so much. I would get another tomorrow if it wasn’t for the wanderlust gene cracking in. Oh the balancing act. And yes, I cannot imagine the rest of my life without someone who loves me utterly unconditionally.

      1. You need an ex rescue greyhound lololol (literally cannot stop going on about him) xxx The good thing about them is their need for love and they do fit around your life rather than you fitting in around their needs.Plus when I am out with my camera and I stop to take piccies they are already trained to just stop and wait.They literally stop when you do..Perfect tog dog. xx I am being light hearted though because no family pet is replaceable,They are a part of your life that you have to get over and grieve for once they have gone. Love that you have got those walking boots out and yes, I agree you need to take this time out now xx

  2. One of our favorite dogs was a golden retriever that we had from the time our children were small until they started college. We still miss him. So sorry about Flynn and your other golden. Wishing a speedy recovery to Mr C.

    1. I will pass on your good wishes to Mr Carmichael and I don’t think we will ever stop missing them – Goodness, the girls knew them all their lives!

      But the happy most certainly outweighs the bad.

  3. I share your pain, and send you some good feng shui or possibly a bottle of wine may be more use. We had a rather odd series of years earlier this decade: my dad one year, my mother the next, our oldest dog (we had three at the time) the following year, and the year after the other older dog died. That left me with just the husband and the dog. I couldn’t wait for the next year to go as quickly as possible, hopefully leaving me with the only two important remaining beings in my life. Phew!

    We have conversations about we’ll go and do some travelling after Pippa. And then we say, can’t imagine not having another dog. Let’s hope we don’t have to make that decision in the near future at least.

    Enjoy your freedom, and then check out the rescue homes. Our first cross came from Blue Cross, not sure where it was now, not there any more. Maybe Gerrard’s Cross Way?

    1. Yes i’ve had a few ‘odd’ years like that too. We not only have Blue Cross but also Dogs Trust at Harefield and Battersea is near Staines as well but stop it mrsC freedom for a while please…….

  4. I remember cleaning the fish tank. It’s a yucky job. Who would have thought goldfish could be so disgusting. When Fish, our goldfish, died last year I was very glad to put the tank away. Fish was the godfather of all goldfish, having survived in the tank of death for nearly ten years as all other occupants keeled over regularly, and he grew enormous when he was the only one still living. He used to swim around like crazy when I got up in the morning, and he always knew it was meal time. I miss Fish, but I don’t miss cleaning the tank.

    1. Ah Fish and Goldie must have been related! he was @ 8 which I thought was good! Daughter #2 turns up from a sleep over/fair with a plastic bag and it all went from there. Just like you, he went through multiple house mates who couldn’t stand the pace and drowned in his wake and I swore the moment he went that was the end. Which it was.

      1. RIP Fish and Goldie. Mr ET actually gave Fish a rather lovely send off down in the vege patch, with Justin and Shaun the Sheep in attendance, and he has the photos to prove it!

      2. I think it also says a lot about Mr ET who goes to great lengths to get really corny JB photos until someone comes along and then it’s like he doesn’t even know JB or me!

  5. It sounds like mrscarmichael is really doing some amazing things. Especially those towels. Good thing you have a lot of rules for them and that you have mr. carmichael trained not to use them.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog(s); I’m sure it was heartbreaking for your whole family. I don’t know how we will cope when our old border collie, Bailey, goes.

    Can’t wait to see a picture of those “ugly” walking boots. And I wonder, hmmm, what you will find in the puppy pages. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. It’s been a toughie but because they were so old and had lived great lives it is at least the order of things and therefore more acceptable in a way.
      I bet the towel embargo does not last #woman’sintuition.
      yes, The walking boots deserve a post of their own.
      I am NOT looking at puppy pages.

      1. Yes, the boots do deserve a post. And we’ll see how long your boycott of the puppy pages lasts. Yes, I know, it’s sad to lose your dear friends, but they did live long happy lives and you’re right, it is the order of things. Of course, you’ll always have wonderful memories of your faithful friends. 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about Flynn. He was a handsome boy and obviously very much loved. I had to put a golden retriever down today who looked much like him.
    That’s a squeaky clean fridge by the way. I keep hoping the fridge elves will come and do mine but alas no elfy visitors yet!

      1. I’m a vet so he was a patient. But I do know how it feels as I had to make the decision with our dog a few years ago (also a retriever so I have a soft spot for them). Now we have a nuggetty little pooch- half jack russell terrier, and the other half monkey (I’m convinced of this although I haven’t been able to prove it yet).
        Good to hear british elves are as unobliging as aussie elves!

  7. If the snow would disappear from our neverending winter, perhaps the spring cleaning bug would settle in for a visit rather than just stopping by to say hello.

    So sorry to hear about your Flynn — our Kruger recently joined him and I am sure they are both at peace now.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. Flynn was beautiful. I’m impressed by your intent to use this time as an opportunity to refocus and do the things you haven’t done, or have put off. Love to hear you’ll be writing more.
    Of course, now I can’t look into my fridge all day, it’s horrendous 😉

    1. Thank you for your thoughts re Flynn. He was one of life’s gentle souls. Yes, the refocusing is cracking on apace. I have just booked tickets to a play at a tiny theatre called the Bush in Shepard’s Bush, west London called Disgraced which was, apparently a storming hit in NY (off BW) as ‘another thing to do’.
      I have also just written two pages of a short story which tomorrow I’m sure I will bin.
      Now, the fridge. Thank goodness mine are in a better state that someone’s. I’m only sorry that someone is you but not sorry enough to dirty them.
      Slightly disappointingly not one of the Carmichael clan has thought to comment or even noticed my hard work.

      1. Some dogs are extraordinary, sounds like Flynn was one of them.

        Don’t trash the story. Put it away, look at it again in a month.
        In the meantime, I’ll wait for your show review. 🙂

        Blech! Sorry you’re dirty job wasn’t acknowledged, a basic thank you is always nice.

      2. Now having friends to stay (unexpectedly) on Tuesday. Bang goes my Bank Holiday Monday in the sunshine. I’ll be elbow deep in toilet bowls and sheet changing.
        Bletch, indeed.

  9. My heart goes out to you. They become members of the family, don’t they? And often less trouble and more loving than the human ones. As for the builders and Mr C’s knee, well… clearly high-octane stress was indeed the order of that week. But now look at you, all bustling with plans and Getting Things Done. Good on you for turning it all around.

    1. yes turning around. Have a dog booked for a fortnight. 2 times hair colour and looking forward to welcoming him. Writing more and have cleaned the whole house as 2 rimes NZ friends announced their arrival on Sunday for today/ Phew.

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