Art Meets Architecture (A Cultural Diversion)

Yesterday I went to the Saatchi Gallery in the Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, Chelsea. This was my first visit to its latest metamorphosis and my presence was well overdue. From the original paint factory in St John’s Wood, via the South Bank I hazard this art gallery may just have found her final home. The building deserves the contents, the  exhibits the architecture.

metal sculpture shakes hands with metal structure (mrscarmichael)
metal sculpture shakes hands with metal structure (mrscarmichael)

Currently East is meeting West within its walls as Russian artists and photographers display the harsh reality of life in much of their vast country.

Lady meets one of the Neighbours (mrscarmichael)
Lady meets one of the Neighbours (mrscarmichael)

In Gallery 4 high-rise tenants peer into the void from perilously narrow balconies and a sand filled but leaking woman lies broken on the floor.

Although the images are cruel I enjoyed this room. I cannot say the same for Galleries 7 and 8. The photographs were almost too much. I am contemplating taking out the ‘almost’. There are warnings about parental guidance on the doors but it wasn’t the body parts that affected me so much as why the owners of these sexual organs were prepared to pull up their blouses, pull down their pants and pose for the camera? Was payment involved? I sorta hope so because then there is a valid reason to do it.

Here is one of the more inoffensive images from Gallery 7 and goes no way to illustrate the content of the others. There is no doubt that the boy is beautiful. I wanted to photograph this photograph.

not yet as desperate as his elders (mrscarmichael)
not yet as desperate as his elders (mrscarmichael)

This one is called 382 Sins and I rather like it. What does that say about me?

that's sins written 382 times and three pools of blue (mrscarmichael)
that’s sins written 382 times and three pools of blue (mrscarmichael)

And I think the Wounded Deer is giving this admirer as good a going over as she him, don’t you?

'you wouldn't get away with this if I had an iPhone' (mrscarmichael)
‘you wouldn’t get away with this if I had an iPhone’ (mrscarmichael)

Young British art haunts the top floor and much of it was bloody good. I rather like Dominic from Luton’s modus operandi. I guess you have to know the town that Luton is to get the full effect but his Maggie Thatcher triptych is of the moment.

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie (mrscarmichael)
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie (mrscarmichael)

I couldn’t go into the video room because the viewing appeared, at rapid glance, to be well trained birds of prey and mrscarmichael does not do birds praying or participating in any activity anywhere near me.

But I did enjoy Tom Jones meeting louche Dickensian character meeting young artist,

'another pint of porter, bar keep' (mrscarmichael)
‘another pint of porter, bar keep’ (mrscarmichael)

and, having worked with polystyrene models whilst training to teach, I appreciate the beauty of these.

if it looks like silk it's probably polystyrene (mrscarmichael)
if it looks like silk it’s probably polystyrene (mrscarmichael)

I wanted to touch so badly but Charles Saatchi treats his visitors as responsible beings and puts no up barriers save polite requests, so I refrained.

The outside of the Gallery is old (you can see it on the website). The inside is a mix of old and new. It works.

surprise modernity (mrscarmichael)
surprise modernity (mrscarmichael)

Now for the finale. I have saved one of the best for last. No, not Richard Wilson’s 20:50 which must be seen to be believed but a display of crafted horses by year six school children. It is wondrous.

I could have stayed here all day (mrscarmichael)
I could have stayed here all day (mrscarmichael)

IMG_0363I would have stayed longer but there was no room for me, the other patrons and a young girl who was dragged out crying because she couldn’t have one to take home. I know where she’s coming from.

Would I have this  one (above left) because it has a Chelsea football badge or this (below left) IMG_0364because it commanded my attention?

Better all together I think. I also think that the art teacher at the winning school should be very, very proud.

All in all a super day out. Entry free, exhibition guide £1.00, art critic hyperbole tolerated and a lovely cup of coffee in the Spring sunshine to round it off afterwards.

I will now tell you that I forgot my camera. It was charging overnight in preparation for a hard day’s work and I didn’t retrieve it from my desk. I screamed, yes out loud, on the A4 just past Baron’s Court. But then I remembered my iPhone. Broken but not bowed I managed to make it work (pathetic huh?) and even discovered the zoom.

How do you think I did?


31 thoughts on “Art Meets Architecture (A Cultural Diversion)

  1. I think you did brilliantly – even better than some of the exhibits! My personal fave is the children’s horses which prove that large amounts of money, connections in the art world and a vernissage are not prerequisites for good art….

    1. It was brilliant and got better the longer you stood there. You might have had to be taken away on a stretcher if you’d seen some of the other Russian photos. I was almost up to 100 yard dash speed by the end of the gallery.

  2. Hello Mrs Carmichael,
    You did really well .
    Modern art is really out of my comfort zone but that is how we grow! I enjoyed your selections. Maybe there is hope for me after all. 🙂

    1. I like to think there is hope for us all. I do believe that we don’t have to like all art we see (important when visiting ‘out there’ galleries) but it’s always worth giving ourselves the chance to like it 🙂

  3. I’m lucky in Gib as the usual venue for temporary exhibitions is just over the road from me. Last time I went I not only forgot my camera, but my iPhone too 😦

    I’ve seen some decent iPhone pix, so I’ve been trying to use it a bit more. It also takes better vids than my camera – well, at least the battery doesn’t die after three seconds which it does on the camera.

    I’m not sure I like any of those particularly although the young person on the balcony did give me vertigo so it’s certainly a powerful photo.

  4. You (and your iPhone) performed very well indeed.
    Saatchi performed very well — great money spinner, great comment provoker.
    Beyond that — I reserve comment.
    (Signed: A Dinosaur)

  5. I think your pictures are great! When I go to galleries there is always something I love and something I think is not so good – but that’s art! 😉

  6. Beautiful, thank you for sharing these! I’m glad you remembered your iPhone. 🙂 Love the leaking woman, I’ll reserve judgement on Gallery 7 until/unless I can see it in person.

      1. I think the artist’s second statue was a clear plastic man (standing upright) sporting a tweed blazer and little else.
        Unfortunately the iPhone was enjoying an our of focus moment so he’s not available for your delectation.

  7. Good thing you had your iPhone. I love those crafted horses… and by 6-year-olds no less! I would have to be dragged out screaming and crying too, because I would have wanted to take one. 🙂

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