Travel Theme (Pale)

Ailsa Where’s my backpack?, just to be contrary, is taking a different trajectory to WordPress this week and going pale but not, I’m certain, wan.

New Zealand must now produce delicate pics. I’m sure it’s up to the challenge.

16 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Pale)

      1. I’m still waiting for the builders to come back from Easter break so nothing has been done by anyone (except for me). I’ve washed all the walls inside and out and sandpapered the doors and now my back aches! Do’h! But I seem to be losing weight and building arm muscles in the process which (I guess) is a good thing… πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh I love the pale, delicate ones! I’m more of a fan of them than the bright images, somehow they seem more profound and evocative. They’re gorgeous.

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