Weekly Photo Challenge (Colour)

Wonderful theme…..I was going to try and stick to red (the photographer’s friend) but I couldn’t. All pics are taken on my latest outing in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne or in between.

Somebody stop me……………….


42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Colour)

  1. Thanks for clicking over to my blog…I took it as an invitation to come and check out your COLOR post..so glad I did!! fab RED…I did not know it was considered the Photographer’s Friend!! I thought NATURAL LIGHT would be…or maybe it’s my friend because I am not a pro and natural light works magic on iPhone pics, jajajaaa… wonderful images… saludos desde Mexico, Alexandra

    1. Ah, hola Alexandra. Mi hija mejor se llama Alexandra (Alex) también. Hoy esta en Mexico City con IBM.

      I know you are going to look out for red now. You’ll see that I’m right.

      1. I just got back from living a few years in the capital…had my share of metropolitan life and now enjoying small city life again… you bet I’ll pay more attention to the impact of red in pictures, i know that’s my go to color for personal portraits for important documents, but I thought it favored my skin color…hhhmmm, thanks for teaching me something new today Mrs. Carmichael! best wishes for your daughter please tell her to visit EL BAZAAR DEL SABADO IN SAN ANGEL, she’ll love it!!

  2. Enjoy while you can all the things you feel you want to do…every moment is precious…every day passes by without saying ‘good bye’…do not let it stay, but grab its joy and let is go…it just a stop in the carousel of life…wherever you are…whatever you dream in your path…When you return bring your thoughts and experiences in your voice, in your smile, and use the photos you have taken to dress your words as you convey your feelings about everything you thought…I can prepare an ‘agape’…something healthy and tasty…we can enjoy your content with food and a glass of wine, may it be white or black or even red., though, I would prefer it ‘rose’..I will see you soon my friend, I would love to s’see’ you again… mtjrp xxxx

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