Let Them Drink Wine

I have arrived in New Zealand in the midst of a drought. It’s mid March, the skies are blue and the mercury has vertigo. It is a daily, nay multi-daily topic of conversation. And it should be because the weather is amazing.

I don't usually take photos of newspapers but this was worth recording (mrscarmichael)
I don’t usually take photos of newspapers but this was worth recording (mrscarmichael)

For the last few years I’ve always told friends to save their trip here until late February/ March time when the weather tends to be more settled and good for touristing. For once I am proud to report that I paid attention to myself (not a common occurrence) and am here basking in near 30 degree temperatures. I am very pale. It was snowing when I left London and it is snowing there still.

It is not snowing here:

hello Rangitoto (mrscarmichael)
hello Rangitoto (mrscarmichael)
kite surfing on Tamaki Estuary at 8pm (mrscarmichael)
kite surfing on Tamaki Estuary at 8pm (mrscarmichael)

I was not kite surfing.

long black on the shores of Lake Taupo (mrscarmichael)
long black on the shores of Lake Taupo (mrscarmichael)

I was drinking coffee here

big skies in Martinborough (mrscarmichael)
big skies in Martinborough (mrscarmichael)

and sipping pinot gris here. With a view like this it would be churlish not to.

even Wellington has her best dress on (mrscarmichael)
even Wellington has her best dress on (mrscarmichael)

But the cows and sheep are suffering. It is a dustbowl out there. Feed’s being brought up from the South Island where, luckily for the English cricketers, rain stopped play in Dunedin and they managed a draw in the first test.

hungry cattle (mrscarmichael)
hungry cattle (mrscarmichael)

The farmers are praying for rain. The Barmy Army (English cricket followers) are probably praying for rain but are certainly sun burnt from a day at Wellington’s Basin Reserve but wine makers the length and breadth of this country are praying for the rain to hold off another week or two until the grapes are ready for picking. It’s going to be a bumper harvest.

My tip. Watch out for 2013 on NZ wine labels. It will be a good investment, I’m told.



26 thoughts on “Let Them Drink Wine

  1. How fabulous! It’s sunny here too – but then again it’s only 5C! Am jealous, and wishing you a brilliant time. Love that pic with the couple on the bench, beautiful 🙂

    1. Missing out on Sydney this time, Deepa but will be in Melbourne for a few days late next week. I hope for sun and blue sky but no 40 degree temperatures. My wardrobe won’t stretch to that!

  2. New Zealand is on my list of “Places to See Before I Die”, you have inspired me to add some new places to the itinerary. Beautiful spots of earth!
    Thanks for taking a look at (and liking!) my blog. I love to “meet” fellow travel-lovers! Your blog is lovely and I am following you now so I can see more! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Nz is so easy to travel which is why I always do a wee road trip when here rather than flying between cities. you won’t regret the bucket list addition, I promise.

  3. I am atrociously jealous of all that sunshine!!

    Let the Barmy Army burn!! It will do their egos an almighty load of good!

    As for the cricket… it fills my heart with joy to see the sports field civil unrest… between the Saffers playing for the Pomms versus the Saffers playing for the Kiwi’s!! Fun…

    Enjoy your fun… I’m setting you up for a framing tomorrow morning (my time… ) 😉

  4. I´ve just got back home to Spain after spending a wonderful two months touring around New Zealand. We had the most magical time (and weather).

    Have you been to Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach?

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