Travel Theme (Bridges)

Ailsa’s Where’s my backpack? theme this week is bridges and many clever people have tied this into the WordPress weekly photo challenge (forward). I am not so clever so have not.

Unfortunately, ignorant of the themes this week I chose not to drive back from the Forest of Dean via the Severn Bridge (one of my utter, all time favourites) so have no mrscarmichael pics of that masterpiece.

Somewhat sadly then, here is my contribution.

think I'll give way (mrscarmichael)
think I’ll give way (mrscarmichael)

Sorry it’s on a slant I was breaking hard.

gas on the go (mrscarmichael)
gas on the go (mrscarmichael)


above the crowd (mrscarmichael)
view from above (mrscarmichael)

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Bridges)

  1. That first picture with the huge lorry made me shudder. I suppose at least he wasn’t trying to reverse into that opening. Now there’s a thought for your post about male drivers – was IS it with them and reversing? They love it far more than is healthy.

  2. Is that enormous truck serious ? He looks like he is headed for the front page of the news with that attempt – he obviously succeeded as this was the exit but sheesh ! It made me shudder too !

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