Weekly Photo Challenge (Unique)

Now it would be fair to say that I am stretching the thematic rubrics a tad but I love this pic and unless WordPress comes up with a Bambina (Fiat 500) theme one week which is unlikely I’m going to publish and be dammed.

The vintage Bambina was uniquely ‘parked’ opposite our villa in Mallorca and made me smile every single time I left our holiday house.

novel parking arrangement (mrscarmichael)
novel parking arrangement (mrscarmichael)

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Unique)

    1. Really? So many of my friends had them in our youth in NZ. They are now reissued (if that’s the right word) and we have a little white one now that daughters share. It is,of course twice the size of the cutie in the pic.
      You need to get to Rome!

  1. I love this car, the old and the new version. If I didn’t had two dogs and a tall husband that had to fit into it as well, I would own one…

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