Travel Theme (Shadows)

Shadows are the image required for Ailsa’s (Where’s my backpack?) travel theme of the week. This picture was taken on the crest of the very steep hill on Pigeon Island, St Lucia. Used as a lookout for invaders from Martinique the little island is now attached to the mainland at the northern end of St Lucia in Gros Islet. The fort remains are still there.

It was late afternoon when we got there and the light was perfect. Other tourists had gone so we had the hill to ourselves. The shadow is short but the whole picture comes together, I think, because of the light and dark.

wish it were me (mrscarmichael)
wish it were me (mrscarmichael)

8 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Shadows)

    1. Hello A dinosaur,

      Am I correct in thinking this should be attached to my Multi modal post?
      Assuming yes, I agree with you. Still in every debate the trick is to walk in the other’s shoes so I think she went into the exam armed well.
      One on my daughter’s friends has repetitive strain injury in her thumbs…..from texting 😦

      1. You’re quite right! I took a wrong turn on the way to the Multi modal!
        Just shows how old-fashioned I am.
        “into the exam armed well.” Pun, of course, intended. 😉

      2. Don’t worry. My sense of direction is non-existent these days which can become a problem because I’m so sure I’m right! Only kidding and no, the pun was just a bonus 🙂

    1. It was as peaceful there as the pic shows. The temp had dropped and was like blood (perfect) the sky was resting and it was almost wine time.
      I didn’t realise the daughter could do handstands. wish I could.

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