Weekly Photo Challenge (Love)

I am not religious but Santa Maria del Mar captured my heart on a weekend visit to Barcelona. Built in what was a working class neighbourhood and paid for by the 14th Century poor of the city this behemoth bursts up from the little streets and pathways that surround it in the Barri Gòtic.

Baistaxos carried boulders on their backs from Montjuïc Hill to build this church in only 55 years. These same workman are immortalised, along with saints, magi, Mary and Jesus on the walls and within enclaves on either side of the church.

Now Santa Maria del Mar is used no only for worship but also concerts, weddings and functions. But still the candles in red glass are lit by visitors for the love of God.

a prayer in red (mrscarmichael)
a prayer in red (mrscarmichael)

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Love)

  1. I agree. I spend a lit if time in Barcelona and it is my favourite church there. It is huge. And the little square at the bottom of Argentaria is a great place to people watch while enjoying the perfect glass of wine.

  2. I love the lit candles in churches – they are like the spiritual life force living within them. I’m not religious, but I would say I was spiritual. When I lived in France, my studio flat was directly opposite this tiny church, no bigger than your average garage. I once looked in and saw the candles burning. But who lit them? Who tended to them? I never saw a single soul go in or out.

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