Travel Theme (Walls)

An eclectic collage of walls to fit Ailsa’s Where’s my backpack? travel theme of the week. My problem is not how to find suitable photographs but when to stop.

wall menu (mrscarmichael)
wall menu (mrscarmichael)

Fish and chips are compulsory fare in Broadstairs, Kent.

3D graffiti (mrscarmichael)
3D graffiti (mrscarmichael)

in Zurich.

a masterclass in travertine (mrscarmichael)
a masterclass in travertine (mrscarmichael)

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona.


a wall of coloured glass (mrscarmichael)
a wall of coloured glass (mrscarmichael)

again in Barcelona.

‘Somebody stop me.’


13 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Walls)

    1. The Zurich one is very near the IM Viadukt, under the arches. I was certainly skating after a few mojitos in that bar and I had cod not skate in Broadstairs. I’m not certain if Mies v d R would want anyone to skate on his travertine perfection. 🙂

  1. I have the exact same issue – I posted 20 photos this week – and that was the short version 😉
    Love you walls – I also chose a “booze wall” !

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