Weekly Photo Challenge (Illumination)

The WordPress theme of illumination allows me to enter photos of a light installation I watched for far too long a time in the Victoria and Albert Museum a few weeks ago. It hung over a dark stairwell and was, I learnt because my friend S……. bothered to read the information card, activated by museum patrons walking up and down said stairs. Clever.

a ghostly presence (mrscarmichael)
a ghostly presence (mrscarmichael)

Now I could time my clicking more effectively.

missed again (mrscarmichael)
missed again (mrscarmichael)

Putting a positive spin on this unlit, near miss at least gives you an opportunity to see how many bulbs are involved.

i've got the hang of it (mrscarmichael)
I’ve got the hang of it (mrscarmichael)

A childishly pleasing experience.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Illumination)

    1. Oh, I would haved loved to look t those but my companion, who spends hours there had already done that one. Most of my pics were taken in the attic. I’ve never been up that high before.

    1. Thank you – just flown in from Barcelona this afternoon. Bck to the snow and big freeze.
      yes, i’m off to Godzone in March and indeed to Melbourne too.
      So glad you enjoyed my homeland 🙂

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