Travel Theme (Glass)

When Ailsa of Where’s my backpack? fame put up her post on the the glassware at the Tacoma Museum I hoped she would carry the subject into this week’s travel theme. Having recently spent a dark and wet Saturday with my friend, S……. at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, London – Gold Members only I knew I had snapped much glass hoping it might alchemise into a suggested theme. Home run!

it could only be Muarano (mrscarmichael)
it could only be Murano (mrscarmichael)

“Close up, Please.”

needed a lot of puff (mrscarmichael)
needing a lot a puff (mrscarmichael)

And just for good measure, five floors up, stairs straight out of Wicked.

Galinda, these stair poles are a 2013 must have (mrscarmichael)
Elphaba, these balustrades are a 2013 Emerald City housing must have (mrscarmichael)

My Friday’s complete.

19 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Glass)

  1. What an incredible piece of art. It sort of gives me the creeps, though, like multi-coloured worms or entrails it has a squirming sort of effect. I find it beautiful and ugly at the same time – mind you, I tend to think the best art is often disconcerting. Bet it was amazing in the flesh, as it were!

  2. At first glance, I thought your first picture was a strange, enormous flower arrangement, and I wondered what it had to do with glass. Then the closeup – oh, now I understand! Making it must have been a real technical challenge (let alone hanging it without the whole thing shattering). And making it successfully and having it turn out so beautiful…well, that’s great art.

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