Weekly Photo Challenge (Resolved)

Oh, among soooo many other things, I am resolved to be more patient.

no problem, I can wait (mrscarmichael)
no problem, I can wait (mrscarmichael)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Resolved)

  1. Dear mrscarmichael,
    Greetings from Fox Glacier, SI, NZ! I have been to Akaroa, Wanaka and now Fox. It’s beautiful and reminds me a little of my home in the Bavarian Alps. Please tell Mr C that I had another near death experience with a bird. While I was admiring Rob Roy Glacier in Mt Aspiring National Park a kea swooped down on me and only the swift actions of Mr ET saved me from a ghastly fate.
    Best wishes from Justin Beaver.

    1. Yep, I could have warned you about those Keas! Perhaps you were eating a Toblerone at the time?

      Akaroa, bon jour, Wanaka, beautiful, The Fox, I’ve never been.

      Tell the Et’s that if driving up the West Coast, the pancake rocks at Punakaeki (sp?) are well worth a visit at high tide.

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