Gold Members only

Mr Carmichael and I managed to get to New year’s day without a stir crazy, Northern Hemisphere, pouring every bloody day, induced barney.

Still New Year’s day made up for it. Mr C felt he needed to share some thoughts about my up coming resolutions or lack thereof. From my POV it was more of a venting on his part and sometimes it’s just best to let them get on with it, don’t you find?

I’m keeping my polite distance right now. Just on the off chance there was anything he neglected to berate me about yesterday. Oh, and I will be keeping my distance after tomorrow from Daughter #1 who is on a detox/fast/diet and won’t be the best of company all too soon, I predict.

Luckily the in-laws had us over for a yummy New Year’s Jamie Oliver inspired roast with crispy parsnips, potatoes (both sweet and regular). That nipped Round Two in the bud.

Last Saturday I actually managed to escape Casa Carmichael and met a friend in London for a bit of cultured R and R.

At one point in the planning my friend suggested she come out this way but as per the argument nipping I had to ‘deflower’ that option with alacrity. Noooo, I want to be a real person with a real life somewhere other than bedded down in Betjeman’s Metroland.

So we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Ken to see the jewellery exhibition. Yea. I used to live in Kensington and do enjoy a stomp around my old haunts. I would like to stomp them more often, truth be told.

We did consider a return visit to Goldfinger’s modernist home in Willow Road, Hampstead. Another old stomping ground of mine, if you’re interested. But it doesn’t reopen until March when the daffs will be flowering on the Heath. We will go then and I will take some photos because it’s a brilliant place and if it weren’t a National Trust museum I would love to live there.

For now let me wet your appetite by giving you some interesting intel unrelated yet related to 2 Willow Road.

Ian Fleming, he of the James Bond goliath, lived in, or very near, Willow Road. Along with many others, he protested at the demolition of a number of Victorian cottages that were making way for Ernö Goldfinger’s modern designed townhouses. Unsuccessfully.

His revenge? Calling one of his villains after the architect.

syncronicity (mrscarmichael)
synchronicity (mrscarmichael)

When the Hungarian house designer learnt of not only the name but the proposed appearance of Fleming’s latest Bond nemesis, he consulted his lawyer. The author was heard to comment that it was not too late to change the character’s name to Goldprick.

Relax, I have not allowed Mr Carmichael any where near a spray can. But Goldfinger (the evil) did like a golden girl.

the future's golden (
the future’s golden (

As, it appears, does our James.

The jewels were magnificent. And so, as I used to do with friends while turning the pages of Seventeen magazine, we chose out favourite bauble. At least S……. did. Instantly and immediately. There was no hesitation on her part.

She wanted the Van Cleef and Arpels ring, knuckle duster that it was. No photographs allowed in the guard-ridden jewel room so I have approximated.

it fell onto my finger, M'lud (Southerby's NY)
it fell onto my finger, M’lud (Sotherby’s NY)

The speed of her decision making left me speechless. And incapable of making a decision. Suddenly I wanted that ring too. It could have got ugly but I pulled myself together and allowed her to have it. It was the right thing to do.

eric but not his son (york
eric but not his son (york

We had afternoon tea with Eric Knowles (AntiquesRoadshow) and his son. In fairness they probably don’t remember having afternoon tea with us but we did have a good old natter and Eric, I really think you should make the effort to get to New Zealand next time you’re ‘down under’.

All four of us admired the tea room ceiling.

hasn't changed much for a century (mrscarmichael)
hasn’t changed much in a century (mrscarmichael)

Eric admired S…….’s ring and valued it at $1,000,000,000 – $2,000,000,000. Yes, I am joking.

We admired some V and A members who were hanging around and staying out of the rain.

just wanting some attention (mrscarmichael)
just wanting some attention (mrscarmichael)
not a fleck of gold in sight (mrscarmichael)
not a fleck of gold in sight (mrscarmichael)

Then we drove to Gloucester Place, via Victoria (don’t ask) and enjoyed a fish dinner. It was a good day out.

Now, having just spoken on the phone to Daughter #2 I am appraised of the fact that she and her boyfriend (So How Was Christmas For You?) are on their way here.

A tryptic of avoidance strategies are called for. And a very large glass of NZ sav blanc.

8 thoughts on “Gold Members only

  1. My condolences with regard to Mr C. My sister-in-law’s philosophy decrees that you should make the most of any row on the off chance that you might get a present out of it. I doubt it would be the diamond ring, but I leave that hanging, just in case it appeals. Mr Litlove often buys me a book on amazon when he has been irritating. If you will leave your details plugged in on the account, what does a man expect? I know he wants to buy me something really. Said Mr Litlove has come down with a cold (manflu) and is currently quite disgusting. I wondered out loud why it is that men can’t be ill neatly? Why they have to spread a germ miasma about the place? I think you should take yourself off to the sales and have a good mooch around to avoid all unwelcome house members/guests. And treat yourself to something lovely.

    1. There was a time when he had the florist on speed dial to stop me taking my revenge by shopping but even that seems to have drifted from its mooring.

      And I didn’t even mention the pig pen miasma is here too. Mr C is ‘under the chemist’.

      Wise words. I may just take your advice 🙂

  2. I am sitting on the balcony feet up, glass of Pinotage to hand watching the sun setting and the sea fill the lagoon and; read this and weep ladies; Mr R is doing the ironing as he has finished the washing up…..

      1. Best behaviour is easy in short bursts and if they don’t work from home or even commute.

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