Travel Theme (Festive)

Where’s my backpack?‘s theme for the week is topically festive so with no guilt I exhibit mrscarmichael’s kitschy Christmas.

it's a gold theme in case carmichael this year
it’s a gold theme in casa carmichael this year (mrscarmichael)
gold on gold (mrscarmichael)
gold on gold (mrscarmichael)
with a spritz of pink (mrscarmichael)
with a spritz of pink (mrscarmichael)
the advent girdle buster
the advent girdle buster (mrscarmichael)
salutations from the Sydney shoreline (mrscarmichael)
salutations from the Sydney shoreline (mrscarmichael)

And, saving the best for last………………

the carmichael inheritance (mrscarmichael)
the carmichael inheritance (mrscarmichael)

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


13 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Festive)

  1. Great blog, I am a new reader so off to read your earliest blogs about which I have heard so much. Will try and work out how to award you. Clear as mud at the moment and no time as I am WAY behind you in the ready for Christmas stakes.

  2. Merry Christmas and a very happy and peaceful 2013! Love the decorations – the wise men brought gold, after all, so I think you’re perfectly entitled (and they look lovely). Hope you have a fantastic festive season, without requiring too many trips to M & S. 🙂

    1. Oh it was ghastly and they had run out of a number of Carmichael Christmas staples so a return visit is required. And I’ve just realised that I bought nothing for dinner tonight.

      I hope your village pond is behaving so that you, too, can have a great Christmas.

    1. We inherited him from Mr Carmichael Senior. He stands in a rhodo bush through the year and gets dragged out for the festive season. I guess he is a little scary but we all can be a times so he fits right in.

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