Travel Theme (Transportation)

While Ailsa aka Where’s my backpack? criss crosses the US of A providing us with way too many diversions and detours from things we should be doing her latest theme is a great one for me and has even got me giggling like a naughty school girl. Why?

I’ll show you but first a tiny bit of back story.

In June my friend T……. and three of our daughters took a week’s holiday on the Greek island of Kos. I have used some pics from there in a previous challenge Travel Theme (Hot) but this one cracks me up.

When T……. was but a teenager she went to Kos with her family and fell madly in love with a waiter at their hotel. His name was Tasos. They exchanged, photos, records and billet doux and the memories were so vividly rekindled for my friend this summer that we were frogmarched to the hotel and forced to tour the corridors where they courted. She also talked about him quite a lot.

To get our own back, the four of us took secret snaps of men who just might turn out to be the ageing lothario. Until this challenge I had no idea how many of them were in transit when they were photographed.

Please enjoy Transportation of the Tasai. They’re on the move.

you're supposed to ride it, Tassos (mrscarmichael)
you’re supposed to ride it, Tasos (mrscarmichael)
not on the pavement, Tassos (mrscarmichael)
not on the pavement, Tasos (mrscarmichael)

And the final piece of the trifecta was actually taken at the entrance to the hotel. Could he be our Tasos?

were you once a waiter at this hotel? (mrscarmichael)
were you once a waiter at this hotel? (mrscarmichael)

Now, in normal circumstances I ask permission of friends before I include them in my blogging life but in the case I have not spoken to T……. prior to publishing. For obvious reasons.


13 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Transportation)

  1. I am not going to dignify your rudness with a defence – suffice to say these are way too old to be Tassos, they are more your age.

      1. That does not sound pretty but the Greeks just drink ouzo and use olive oil spread if the ads are to be believed. More benign by far. Just look at Tasos #2. I cannot see him in lycra.

    1. Yes it amused me I have to say. I actually have about 20 potential Tasos(s) but had to stop taking the pics when I went for a group shot in a bar and not only got wolf whistled (not something that happens in London for me much these days) and one Tasos tried to pinch my bum. At that point my friend T……. became suspicious.

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