Weekly Photo Challenge (Changing Seasons)

Green, golden, gone. A tree nods to the inevitable changing of the seasonal guard.

autumn amber (mrscarmichael)
autumn amber (mrscarmichael)

Fall was a hurried affair in Winterthur this year as the town lived up to its frosty name. The week before the temperature reached 27 degrees Celsius. A day later this……..

oh, the weather outside is.... (mrscarmichael)
oh, the weather outside is…. (mrscarmichael)

Thankfully there’s only a week or so to go until the shortest day and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m already craving some summer sun.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Changing Seasons)

    1. I am also building a shrine to the anti-snow goddess while I wait for Christopher to be evicted from the X factor.

      please don’t tell anyone I’m watching it. I am, unbelievably home alone 🙂

  1. I read your comment on my post first! Yes they are complete opposites. Toowoomba is a lovely place to live. I love your snow photo but I just can’t imagine living with weather like that. Our average minimum temperature in Winter is 16 degrees!

      1. You should hear us complain if it slips into single digits! Today it’s going to be 29 here. Isn’t Kylie lovely. We took our daughters to one of her concerts a few years ago. It was her first tour after her illness. She was amazing.

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