Travel Theme (Circles)

Hmmm, I’m as interested as anyone to know how my, mrscarmichael’s submission to Where’s my backpack?‘s weekly photo theme is going to go. I wonder. Back to the beginning I guess.

the bells, the bells (mrscarmichael)
the bells, the bells (mrscarmichael)

I could present to you a round hand basin, numerous moonscapes, mirrors, a clock, both pool and seaside life rings, a sun shade or seven, restaurant bounty (round platters saying Happy Birthday and Congratulations and You’re 21 and and Happy Anniversary) but I think, this time I’ll stick with just the one. I’ll stick with myriad circles within circles and enjoy the varied textures, colours and component materials that appealed to me when I took this pic in a bar at the St Pancras Hotel, London.

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Circles)

    1. Thank you, they’re in a pretty amazing gothic hotel which used to be a train station. And still is but modern now and at the back of the St Pancras hotel in Kings Cross.

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