Weekly Photo Challenge (Reflections)

I’m having a doggy week this week so to continue the theme and slipping into the reflective mood required for this week’s photo challenge here is my entry.

I call this photo ‘the beach boys’ and it was taken on Newport Beach, Pembrokshire, Wales a few summers ago.

and 'action' (mrscarmichael)
and ‘action’ (mrscarmichael)

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Reflections)

  1. Last night I struggled with my actual post – none of the usual format was visible and I thought I was going crazy. Finally I shut down my server and started again, and WordPress was behaving properly. Otherwise I was going to have to hand deliver my post to every reader, so you can only imagine how relieved I was to have things working. It’s amazing how much there is to learn about blogging. BTW when I want my link in, I just copy and paste and then it seems to show up as a link – like magic. So if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t know what to do either. I do think this is a great dog photo.

    1. Firstly thank you (again) about the pic. it is one of my all time favourites and not to make this at all sad but only one of them lives on. If you like (naughty) dogs read my last post with words. It was all about the white one who was…..a legend.

      My link always seems to have dots where others don’t and I have no idea if this is the reason. The trouble is now that I’ve found a way round…..

      I have learnt so much by doing this blog – internet, wordpress, pc wise and tomorrow if I get time and you come back you will have a window on the nightmare that is my mind!

      1. I read your last post and am following you now. I have my son’s cat with me and she can’t touch a dog for naughtiness, but she gets into cat trouble. (Yes, Kush, of course I want you to drink from my water glass, how thoughtless of me to not put one on the tabe for you – that sort of thing.)

      2. I have a friend in New Zealand (yes, m’dear it is your birthday today) whose cat ONLY drinks from a pint glass and only if its positioned squarely (hard for a glass) on the sideboard in the living room.

  2. No laughing from me either. The first time I tried to post a weekly photo challenge link I put in a completely different post. I’ve learned so much since then. Tell Mr C to check out Justin Beaver again. He’s been seeing ghosts.

    1. he’d be happy to look at anything since England beat the ABs this afternoon. I’m still sulking. I’ll take a wild guess that you and JB (and his ghost) are pretty happy about the outcome too.

      1. Nope that was no help. Turning the tv on now…
        I see that the Wallabies walloped Wales in the rugby, things aren’t looking so good for Australia in the third cricket test against South Africa and Oh My, look at that – England beat the All Blacks by an impressive margin! Mr C and JB are both smiling!

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