Travel Theme (Hot)

It’s a freezing day in London town and I have broken out the sheepskin coat which means it is really winter. Not surprisingly I was more than pleased to see HOT as Where’s my backpack? week’s theme. I could photograph the coals in the fireplace but The All Blacks are losing a rugby match at the moment in that room (well at least on the TV in that room) and I have decamped depressed and with a defeated mien to my computer.

Update: They have just scored a try 🙂 but missed the conversion 😦 and have at least ten points to make up.

So onto hotter things.

somewhere in Greece (mrscarmichael)
somewhere in Greece (mrscarmichael)

What’s wrong with being the very first at the bar? It was at least 38c.

postcard perfect
postcard perfect (mrscarmichael)

And the view from my gin and tonic was pretty good too.

PS: As it stands this is going to be the biggest defeat the ABs have suffered at the hands of England. I don’t often beg but these are exceptional circumstances so….please, please ‘like’ my post and make me feel better.

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme (Hot)

    1. I couldn’t sit in the same room. T’was horrific. But could have been worse……we were trying to get tickets! I have had to drown my sorrows in something that NZ does better than rugby (at least today). And of course, still will.

    1. It was a slaughter yesterday. Thankfully we didn’t manage to get tickets for Twickenham. I would have never lived it down.

      I do support England in most other things and even rugby when my team’s not playing. And I do have to say they played well.

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