Weekly Photo Challenge (Thankful)

At either end of the petite but perfectly formed Fournier Street in London’s Spitalfields are two amazing churches.

Christ Church, at the southern end was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor (assistant to Sir Christopher Wren of St Paul’s fame) and is one of the best examples of English Baroque architecture. It is bright and white and welcoming despite its gravitas and I can think of no better place to stop and give thanks.

thank you (mrscarmichael)

The other, in Brick Lane began life as a Huguenot chapel, has been both a Methodist and Protestant church, a synagogue and is today a mosque.

who’s god? (mrscarmichael)

Now, I’m not religious and am uncertain what the French Huguenots would have made of the modern day minaret that even changes colour but I am thankful I live in a country that embraces this diversity of beliefs.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Thankful)

  1. I have never seen a color-changing LED minaret, that’s awesome! And I do always love it when a building gets given to so many different gods. It does seem like it should do something to the plaster.

    1. It’s a wonderful part of London now and has always welcomed new immigrants. I took pics of all the colours and have just noticed Christ Church’s spire in the background of my photo. Ridiculous to the sublime.

  2. Ah, I used to live in Princelet St around the corner, early 1980’s. Gilbert and George had breakfast every morning in the Market Cafe ( now gone ) opposite Christ Church, and yes, the immigration and political history of the area is extraordinarily interesting.

    1. Nooo, I want to live there with you NOW and that is with you in a lovely friendly two big 18th C bedroom way. It is so cool. I have found two 2 houses in Fournier St for between 2.5-3.5 million………

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