Travel Theme (Liquid)

This week’s Where’s my backpack? theme is liquid and until I thought about it I did not realise quite how many of the photos I take have the sea, a river, a lake as a focal point. It wasn’t so much finding an appropriate image but more about when to stop. Take a watery tour around my world this year.

I can see for miles and miles (mrscarmichael)

If you look hard enough you might even spot Australia across the Tasman. Kidding but it’s there.

same sea, different island (mrscarmichael)

It’s as if Maui had just fished it up and New Zealand wasn’t even discovered yet.

Moving on.

not a bad view to wake up to (mrscarmichael)

Half a world away in the Gulf of Thailand and my view from my bed. Believe it or not a low tide this became a mud flat.

salt water swimming pool (mrscarmichael)

Up north now and a crisp, clear day in Broadstairs, Kent.

ripples in the Med (mrscarmichael)

Shallow water off the island of Kos.

pooled reflections (mrscarmichael)

Mallorca, Spain.

a lake somewhere (daughtercarmichael)

This photo was taken by Daughter #1 this summer gone somewhere in the Algonquin Park, Canada whilst on a canoe trip. I want to go and see what she’s seen.

a mercurial Caribbean (mrscarmichael)

Back to the silvers again. This was taken just before sunset from the top of a hill after a very steep climb in St Lucia.

beer, anyone? (mrscarmichael)

And finally because not all liquid is totally natural, here’s the contents of an abandoned shopping trolley I spotted in a supermarket in Switzerland. I do wonder what happened to the shopper.


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