Be In It To Win It, September is the New January (Resolutionwise) and Big Things.

On Monday I got an email from the Editorial Director of Mslexia telling me that she wanted to publish something of mine in the December issue. This, for me, is a BIG THING.

Mslexia #55 (mrscarmichael)

Although I have been both long and short listed for stories written I have never won a prize, been runner up or indeed been published. That is if we don’t count Letters to the Editor and a canine walk down Memory Lane in Dogs Monthly and we probably shouldn’t count these.

I am pleased with myself and even more pleased that My September Plan has worked out so well.

My September plan:

With four daughters, the beginning of the scholastic term is, for me, a little like a mini New Year. The back to school/uni scenario gives me time to think about Yours Truly again and plan how to get things, I want to do, done. Dishes and my pro bono taxi service (where I give them money at the end of the ride) can be relegated to occasional irritation rather than full time employ.

This September I resolved to:

1) Do lots of new things in lots of new places at new times of the day or night.

2) Get back on the diet.

3) Start writing again.

Two of the three are going well. Not only have I taken up golf (I am not a natural), been to see long lost friends in Switzerland (future blog) and planned ALL the clan’s holidays for 2012/2013 but, as you know, I have started blogging.

It is only unfortunate that I like to drink black coffee when I write and there is nothing nicer than something sweet with black coffee, is there? Also, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a large glass of wine (or two) and nibbles as the night draws in and a blog is ‘published’. I find.

Note to self: action Point Two in January New Year.

Mslexia is a magazine for ‘women who write’. So sorry guys. It’s a fantastic publication rammed full of inspiration, edification and  a jolly good kick up the bum (motivation) as well. Because I am WITING AGAIN I, in my mini New Year joie de vivre, not only opened but read the latest edition from cover to cover.

It even had an article on starting a blog, digital style and listed at the top of its suggested platforms – best for writers.

How spooky is that?

Having started blogging only the week before, having chosen WordPress and having immersed myself in Themes for utterly ages I read about procrastination and GOT GOING.

I published a blog. It felt good. I wrote to my aunt for some manuscripts of my uncle’s and have enjoyed reading them. Actually, more than enjoyed. I dug out the first draft of a YA novel I wrote five years ago and never did anything with (I will need to feel strong the day I revisit that one) and I sent something off to Mslexia. And they wrote back. To me.

I am to be in issue 56.

It might be a cliché but true nonetheless, you really do have to be in it to win it.

PS. Today Mr Carmichael and I bunked off work and went to see the 12.30 showing of Skyfall. It was very good BTW. I think I can put another tick against Point One, don’t you?

PPS. I think it might be wine time.


8 thoughts on “Be In It To Win It, September is the New January (Resolutionwise) and Big Things.

  1. Congratulations!! That’s very exciting. Also, I’m convinced that it’s wine time for one of us, and, seeing as I’m currently available to my students for office hours, it’s probably you.

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